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Wall Colmonoy Upgrades Manufacturing with Sodick ALC800G Wire EDM

Pontardawe, South Wales – Global materials engineering leader Wall Colmonoy, a Michigan-based company with European headquarters in Pontardawe, South Wales, has taken a significant step forward in its manufacturing operations by upgrading its EDM machining capacity. The multinational manufacturer has chosen the Sodick ALC800G Premium wire EDM machine from Sodi-Tech UK, resolving critical challenges and setting a new industry benchmark for precision, repeatability, and productivity.

As a key player in the aerospace, automotive, oil & gas, mining, and energy sectors, Wall Colmonoy faced three primary issues in its wire EDM department. The installation of the Sodick ALC800G machine addressed these issues, marking a pivotal improvement in their operations.

Challenges and Solutions

Previously, Wall Colmonoy operated two ageing EDM machines with limited table sizes of 300x400mm. This constraint forced the company to subcontract or reject larger workpieces, creating capacity and deadline challenges. Additionally, maintaining precision levels to within +/- 5 microns, with impeccable levels of repeatability, was increasingly difficult with outdated equipment. The Sodick ALC800G resolved these issues comprehensively with its 800x600mm worktable - more than double the bed size of the existing machines, advanced re-threading capabilities, and superior accuracy.

Kevin O’Connor, Process Engineer at Wall Colmonoy, explains: “Our existing machines were outdated, and programming became a bottleneck. Increased maintenance costs and downtime were also significant concerns.”

Aaron Patton, an EDM machinist at Wall Colmonoy, adds:The programming of our EDM machines was taking too long, and the cutting process was extremely time-consuming. Our management wanted faster machining times and greater capacity for larger parts, which we couldn’t do with our existing machines. One visit to Sodick’s Warwick facility convinced us with their advanced technology and expertise.”

Investment in Excellence

Wall Colmonoy's decision to invest in the new Sodick ALC800G Premium Wire EDM machine was reinforced by a long-standing relationship with Sodick spanning over 30 years. This trust and Sodick's ability to prove their machine's cutting capabilities with Wall Colmonoy's specialist alloys sealed the decision.

Tony Berry, Business Development Manager at Sodi-Tech, shares: “We offered a machine that met Wall Colmonoy’s specifications and delivery timeline within 4 to 5 weeks, impressing them with our prompt availability.”

Unmatched Performance and Productivity

The new Sodick ALC800G Premium has doubled Wall Colmonoy's machining capacity, enabling them to manage larger, more complex parts in-house. This capability eliminates the need for subcontracting, potentially increasing their business opportunities.

The ALC800G is more productive than our two previous machines combined, thanks to its advanced technologies like the Smart Pulse electrical discharge power supply unit, Sodick’s Smart Linear technology, the fixed Jet AWT wire threading and the iGroove Plus wire rotation technology,” says Tony. “It also allows for multi-part processing, processing up to four different parts simultaneously in a single set-up – and even multiples of those parts, significantly enhancing our operational efficiency. The ALC800G can accept STEP, DXF and Parasolid models files and rapidly check, convert and manufacture the programmes, saving time for the machinist, especially as this can be undertaken whilst the machine is running.”

Conor Plaskitt, Technical Sales Manager at Sodi-Tech UK, highlights: “This is one of only two machines of its type in the UK. It positions Wall Colmonoy ahead of their competition regarding the service they can offer, delivering unmatched service capabilities and performance.”

Looking Ahead

With almost a year of successful operation, Wall Colmonoy is poised to leverage the Sodick ALC800G’s capabilities further. Sodick's advanced training will enable them to explore new machining techniques and materials that align perfectly with their specialised operations.

Aaron Patton concludes: “When we took delivery of the machine, the learning curve was steep, but now we are running the machine confidently. The benefits are impressive. We’re excited about the advanced training to fully exploit its potential.”

Kevin O’Connor affirms: “The introduction of the Sodick ALC800G Premium machine was the right choice. It met all our technical needs, and with Sodick at the end of the phone providing excellent support, it’s positioned us for future financial and operational growth.

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