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Explore the incredible capabilities of Sodick’s new UX450L high-speed milling machine. This precision-engineered high-speed milling machine effortlessly handles intricate components, delivering impeccable tolerances and surface finishes.

Key Features of the UX450L milling machine include:

High Speed:
- In-house developed NC unit and advanced linear motors.
- Reduced X-Z-axis drive unit weight by 10% for improved responsiveness.
- Advanced ATC mechanism cuts tool change time by 50% compared to conventional machines.

High Precision:

- Coolant system through spindle body minimises machine posture deformation.
- Temperature and rotation speed sensors are integrated into the spindle for precise thermal displacement correction.
- The spindle orientation function reduces runout accuracy variation, ensuring superior precision.

Improved Environmental Performance:
- The idling stop function conserves energy by automatically shutting off power during downtime.
- Machining recorder captures video and images during operations and errors for analysis.
- Enhances sustainability efforts by reducing power consumption and improving operational efficiency.

Discover the Power of Sodick's UX450L High-Speed Milling Machine Centre

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