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Hampshire-based JSG Engineering is enjoying long-term success using a range of Sodick EDM wire, die-sink and hole-drill machines that provide high-quality work for the company’s customers and help generate repeat business, particularly in the medical/pharmaceutical sector.

Specialising in all aspects of mould tool manufacture, including prototyping, refurbishments and repairs, JSG Engineering has built a strong reputation for 100% customer satisfaction.

“Business is strong at present, particularly on pharmaceutical side,” states Director Gary Carpenter. “One customer in particular has been requesting several mould tools as we’ve progressed through the Covid-19 pandemic.”

“We’ve been buying Sodick machines for the past 25 years and currently have a number on site,” says Mr Carpenter. “These machines, which include AQ325L, A530D, AQ45L and K1C models, have been very reliable for us, so it made sense to look at Sodick again. There’s nothing else out there that touches these machines in my opinion.”

During a telephone conversation with Sodi-Tech EDM, JSG Engineering learnt that a demonstration model of the Sodick AL40G die-sink model would be on display at the recent MACH 2022 exhibition, so Mr Carpenter expressed his interest. It was not long before the machine was undergoing installation at the company’s Emsworth facility.

“Some of the tools we produce are up to three times faster to produce on our AL40G than our previous die-sink resource,” says Mr Carpenter. “The quality is also far better and we can achieve a mirror finish if required. Where before we would have to polish a cavity after sparking, now there’s no need for 90% of our jobs, so it’s saved an awful lot of time.”

Energy efficiency is another benefit, particularly in the current inflationary environment for electricity, where manufacturers are having to find ways of offsetting the cost burden.

Says Mr Carpenter: “The fact that the latest Sodick technology is energy-efficient and so fast with its linear technology means that we definitely save on our bills.”

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