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Returning to MACH bigger and better than ever before, Sodick Europe together with sole UK distributor Sodi-Tech EDM will return to MACH with its largest-ever MACH show stand. On the Stand 350 Hall 20 there will be a host of exhibition premieres with a total of six machines at the show to provide live demonstrations for show visitors.

The Sodick showstopper will undoubtedly be the new VN600Q precision wire-cut EDM machine, the GL30-LP injection moulding machine with the new V-Line system, the UX450L linear motor driven machining centre and the ALC600G iG+E wire EDM machine with iGroove+ technology. The MACH debutants will be accompanied by the AD35L die sink EDM and the AL60G EDM die sink machine. The AL60G will incorporate an Erowa Compact 80 robotic loading system with a Zeiss DuraMax measurement and probing system. This combination will provide live demonstrations of how you can integrate a state-of-the-art automation solution with your EDM machine for applications in the mould and die industry.

AD35L Die Sink EDM

Dazzling the crowds at MACH will be the facelift model of the AD35L EDM die sink machine, a model typified by its high-speed capabilities and rapid acceleration linear motors that deliver optimum performance. From a specification standpoint, the AD35L has a compact footprint with a spacious work area with a travel of 350 X 250 X 270mm in the X, Y and Z-axis. This powerful, precise workhorse has a tank capacity of 180L, a workpiece capacity of up to 550kg and a maximum electrode weight of 50kg. Manufacturers attending MACH can witness the merits of the new LN3 control with a touchscreen Windows interface that streamlines programming and operation through the LN Professional suite while the extra large tank is easily accessible and ergonomically efficient for users. Incorporating in-house developed direct drive linear motors, a 4-station ATC shuttle and the SGF discharge unit that minimises electrode wear. This is perfect for manufacturers of high-end precision parts in the aerospace, automotive and electronics industries.

Sodick VN600Q Precision Wire-cut EDM Machine

From the wire EDM portfolio, Sodick will give a UK exhibition premiere to the new VN600Q precision wire-cut EDM machine. With an automatic wire threading unit for continuous machining and Sodick’s Fixed Jet AWT system that has a pop-up search, wire annealing, a compact wire collection mechanism, precision wire threading guides as well as upper and lower guides with automated cleaning, the VN600Q has been designed for continuous production with unparalleled flexibility. With 70% of EDM energy typically consumed in the treatment of dielectric fluid, the VN600Q significantly reduces operational costs with its new fluid control circuit that uses an inverter to control the vertical flushing flow rate during machining. With its newly developed energy-saving pump and the Intelligent Monitoring Circuit that monitors the vertical flushing flow rate, the VN Series achieves a remarkable 20% decrease in power consumption, including standby, when compared to standard models – making this range attractive to all budgets. When combined with the LN3W controller, the cutting speed is increased by up to 15%, making this new arrival an exceptionally efficient and productive addition to your machine shop.

Sodick ALC600G iG+E Precision Wire-cut EDM Machine

Destined to wow the crowds at MACH will be the ALC600G iG+E wire-cut EDM machine with the new standard iGroove Plus wire rotation mechanism. This new technology patented by Sodick rotates the wire during the skim cut to enable parts to be machined from top to bottom with the unconsumed surface of the wire. This provides improved surface finishes and geometric accuracy whilst significantly reducing wire consumption and associated costs. The machine also has the Sodick Motion Controller (K-SMC) which plays a pivotal role in accurately controlling the high-speed and precise movements of the linear motor drive. The ALC600G iG+E is also equipped with the all-new SPW Power Supply Unit with a multi-touch LCD monitor, the Smart Pulse electrical discharge power supply unit and Sodick’s Smart Linear technology. This combination of features delivers unsurpassed levels of precision and repeatability with astounding speed, productivity and efficiency.

UX450L High Speed Milling Machining Centre

Certain to stop MACH visitors in the aisles will be the new UX450L high-end machining centre that will be making its UK exhibition premiere, this ultra-rigid gantry structure machine utilises Sodick’s linear drive technology and proprietary cooling system that minimises thermal displacement and guarantees unprecedented levels of precision and stability for exceptional machining results. Powered by the LNX4 CNC system that is displayed on a user-friendly 19-inch touch panel, ease of operation is further enhanced by the SEPTune processing support system that adopts a graphical design platform to optimise programming and machine operation whilst enabling users to make fine adjustments to machining parameters.


For the injection moulding industry, Sodick will introduce its new 30-tonne hydraulic hybrid GL30-LP injection moulding machine. The GL30-LP injection is perfect for manufacturers in the medical, electronic and precision instrumentation sectors, the new GL30-LP is equipped with Sodick’s unique V-LINEÒ technology, direct pressure mould clamping and the new Total Servo Drive system.

As with all Sodick injection moulding machines, the new GL30-LP is equipped with Sodick’s unique V-LINE® two-stage plunger injection system. This groundbreaking innovation separates the injection and plasticisation processes in one unit, resulting in extremely accurate, rapid and repeatable resin injection. This suppresses outgassing, reduces fibre fracture and prevents backflow to provide remarkable levels of performance, consistency and quality throughout the manufacturing process. For further information, please visit Sodick Europe on Stand 350 in Hall 20 at MACH 2024.

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